Wow. That's a really ugly photo of my representative. Can I send you a better one?

    Yes. Absolutely. Please. We try to find the best available photo but if you have a nicer version, especially if he/she likes it more, or it's the official one, please email it to us here.


    I have a suggestion for a new feature or additional information for the app.

    Awesome. We'd love to hear from you. Please email us here and we'll talk it over. Each of our apps have been updated several times a year and most of the new features are from requests from folks like yourself. Please note that if it involves additional data, we might push back a little. To keep costs down for you and us, we have to focus on a subet of all information we'd prefer to offer.


    I found some information that is wrong. How I let you know?
    We set up a nifty system inside each app. Every information page has a "Send a Correction" button at the bottom. Please tap on that and explain what is incorrect. It will send us an email and we will fix it, usually that day. If you have a Pro version of our apps, the next time you open it, the information will correct itself automatically. We update our apps everyday and appeciate anything you find that is not up-to-date.


    How often are these apps updated?

    Almost everyday. We make calls to each member of Congress as well as state legislatures on a quarterly basis. In between, we update our databases whenever we become aware of a change. You can help by letting us know that something is not correct on each information page. We follow up on every lead. All "Pro" apps update automatically while lower-priced "Plus" and "Standard" apps get App Store updates.


    Do I have to pay for updates?

    Yes. Each new session of Congress or state legislature (every two years), we ask for an update fee. Compared to what you would pay for a new paper version of the directory, we feel this is is quite a fair price to pay. That said, you do not need to update the app for it to continue working, albeit with old information.


    What about my state/country?

    We are continuously evaluating which apps to build. In most cases, large states are best because they have large groups of smartphone users. We work with local partners to get the data entered. Still, we have also built apps for states with comparatively smaller populations sponsored by a private firm or an association. Please contact us for more information.


    I have another issue not listed here.
    No problem. Send an email here and we'll get back to you ASAP, usually today.


    How do I get the update for the new Congress on my iOS device?
    It is now available. Please open your app, tap on the More section, and you will see "Upgrades" where you can purchase "Access to the 114th Congress" listed as an option. Tap on that and pay the in-app purchase fee. Once it goes through the app will update in front of you and you should see the new Congress. If you don't see the option, please delete the app and resinstall it. Once it's back on your iOS device, reopen the app and you shouljd see an invitation to purchase the update.
    What if I already paid for the update for the new Congress?  Do I need to pay again?
    Absolutely not. After purchasing the app, you only have to pay the in-app purchase fee to unlock each year. If you have already paid it unlock fee, open the app tap on the More section (all the way to the right). Then tap "Upgrades" and you will see a button at the bottom that says "Restore Previous Purchase". Tap on that and it will connect to Apple and your purchase will be restored. In version 10.0 you will see an option to "RESTORE" when you first open the app. Tap on that and you can skip the process above.
    How do I find my members of Congress?
    Tap the arrow button on the top-right side of the app. Allow the app to use your current location to check our database. At that point you will see at least three members: one member of the House and two from the Senate. In the event you see more than three that's because you live in a zip code that crosses congressional district lines. We suggest calling both members and seeing which represents you. After that, set a bookmark for your members of Congress so they're easy to get to when you want to see them.
    What are the Cook Political Report and Sabato's Crystal Ball?
    These are two partners who provide district-level analysis and campaign predictions for every member of the United States House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as state governors. Charlie Cook, publisher of the Cook Political Report, is widely viewed as the top non-partisan analyst for Congress. His team offers a subscription aimed at political profesionals. Learn more here. Larry Sabato is the head of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics and they provide free analysis of these races. You can subscribe to their newsletter here.
    I have another issue not listed here.
    No problem. Send an email here and we'll get back to you ASAP, usually today.
  • WEB

    How do I change my username and password?
    Please send an email here with your name, email, and desired username and password and we'll update them for you. Yes, we could set up a system to do that but we would prefer to take care of them personally so that we know you haven't been hacked or someone in your office isn't trying to "share" your account with us.
    Where can I use my web app?
    With your paid subscription, you can log into the Internet version of any of our apps from any computer, tablet, or smartphone providing that it has a web browser. Go here to log in to the Congress web app. Don't forget to set a bookmark or at least shortcut on your homescreen so you don't have to type in your username and password again. If you try to log in and it isn't working, delete the cookies in your browser.
    I have another issue not listed here.
    No problem. Send an email here and we'll get back to you ASAP, usually today.

    If your question isn't answered here, please email or call.